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Marriage - I do or I don't ?

Marriage - I do or I don't ?

"If you don't make round rotli's, your in-laws wont be too pleased with you", is what my grandma said to me at the very mature age of 11! As sweet as she was, I always wondered why in her view my priority as a young girl should be cooking for people who I haven't even thought about, let alone met. Only now that I am married and I do make "round rotli's" do I realize that my grandma was a true visionary.

As my husband and I settle into our marriage and we learn something about each other on a daily basis I reminisce about those days when people in my family used to pass their wisdom on to me as a young girl. While they were preparing me for the practicalities of a marriage I was perhaps too busy thinking of those "perfect" love stories in the movies.

As we plan weddings for couples and absolutely love bringing families together, it is also true that couples sometimes forget that a wedding is not equal to marriage. While we absolutely want to bring every wish to life for our clients, we do sometimes act as mediators between couples who are so focused on the peach vs pink flowers, they forget the real reason why they are getting married.

Whether you are looking forward to marrying your best friend, your soul mate or the love of your life; remember that your wedding is the beginning of the beautiful long journey rather than the end of your current relationship. Happy wedding planning ..

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